Reindeer Moss wallpaper



Reindeer moss is the latest hit in interior decoration. Hand-picked from the forest and mountain areas of Scandinavia, the moss is stabilized using various salts and glycerine. We absolutely love its natural look and intriguing structure. However, we found that using real moss might have some downsides: it is very delicate and can crumble and due to the preservation process used it can produce artificial smell. It can stain too. That is why we decided to create a moss wallpaper. It is durable, shows all tiny details of the reindeer moss structure and is super easy to install. Take a look and let a mysterious air of Scandinavian forest in your interior.

Dimensions: 48,7cm x 10m
Please note that wallpaper is printed in batches therefore slight variations in colour can occur across different batches. Please be sure to order the correct amount, so we can supply you with rolls from the same batch. There may be a slight variation between colours viewed on a computer screen and the actual print colours in the wallpaper.

  • Ultra-high quality digitally print
  • Colourfast (UV safe) and washable with a soft cloth
  • Strong, dimensionally stable , non-woven wallpaper 160gsm
  • Hanging method: Paste the wall, no wallpapering table necessary
  • Suitable for children's room
  • Easily removable