To repeat…

In most of the rolls available, the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again repeats. That distance can be less than an inch or as much as the entire width of the wallpaper.

This produces the effect of “repetitiveness”. You can easily see that the same pieces reappear within a stretch of a wallcovering, as in the picture on the right.

We love it, when our patterns repeat. And we love it, when they don’t.

… or not to repeat?

Choosing not to repeat, you go for the pattern that is unique along the single roll, up and down, side to side. To indulge in the uniqueness of the patterns, you just need to match the stripes of the wallpaper at a specific height. To see how it works, have a look at the example matching of our Art Deco design stripes here:

This allows for multiple solutions. Moving a stripe up or down, or turning it upside down changes the pattern right in front of our eyes. This is the unique bit and, to the best of our knowledge, no one else has done it before.

That is the question.

We believe that by choosing any one of our designs, you bring some mischievous individuality and freshness to your rooms and so make them outstanding and unique.

With us, the answer is correct either way.